Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Original Treatment

Here is the original treatment I wrote back in 2001:

The story takes place in the future, approximately 2027.  There is a handsome black archeologist, who is studying Egyptian architecture and one pyramid in particular.  While doing research he begins to come across images of an Egyptian queen or goddess (Erykah Badu) in statuary and wall paintings.  We travel through space and time to when the queen is singing to her love in the far of future.  The researcher becomes obsessed with her image and falls asleep exhausted from working all night. In his dream state we build an even stronger connection between the two as the queen reaches out and beckons him to come to her.  The queen is in a massive pyramid and we can see the way her chamber appeared when she ruled thousands of years before.  When the explorer awakens her throne is seen as it appears now, cold and overgrown with spider webs.
He packs quickly and pilots a shuttle craft to Egypt where he infiltrates the pyramid.  There are a few traps that he must evade, in Indiana Jones – style.  Until finally he reaches the throne room of his beloved queen.
There are many splendid jewels and treasures in the tomb of the queen but, he cares for none of them.  Our hero opens the sarcophagi (cryo chamber) as ancient smoke emerges.  He reaches inside to embrace and kiss the queens mummified remains, but when he does, energy is released and the queen is restored to life.  After the queen changes her attire, they both leave the throne room with all the treasure, and ride off into the night.

Eric T. Elder

It still holds true to my current vision.  Coming soon will be concept artwork.

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